White nationalists back in Charlottesville

White nationalists back in Charlottesville

The demonstrators returned to a city in the state of Virginia, where in August there were clashes between the ultra-right and anti-fascists, during which the girl died.

White nationalists returned to Charlottesville, USA, two months after a clash with anti-fascists and activists of leftist movements. Then, during the riots killed a party to a counter-action, 32-year-old Heather Hayer.

Mayor Mike Sayner called a small group of people gathered around the monument to General Robert E. Lee, “a vile neo-Nazis, who caused the city once infamous visit.”

“You’re not welcome here! Go back home!” — wrote the mayor on his page on “Twitter”.

A torchlight procession was organized by the leader of a group of right-wing activists Richard Spencer.

Published on video, protesters scream: “You don’t replace us” and “We shall return”.

The statue of General Robert E. Lee who commanded the Confederate army during the Civil war, was also the meeting place for the March “Unite the right” in August. The protesters opposed the attempts of the city authorities to demolish the monument.

Protesting against the actions of right-wing Heather Hayer was killed when a crowd of opponents of the March was hit by a car.

About 40-50 people took part in the gathering in the Park Release at the statue of General Lee. While considered legal action against the demolition of the monument, it is covered with.

Spencer, who was live streaming the event on the Internet, said during that Charlottesville has become a symbol of suppression of freedom of speech and destruction of historical monuments.