The history of salvation of the child of Grenfell tower actually was not?

The history of salvation of the child of Grenfell tower actually was not?

After a fire in high-rise Grenfell tower in West London, the witnesses and Newspapers told the story of a child who allegedly saved by throwing out of the window from one of the upper floors. Investigation of Bi-bi-si has shown that, most likely, this story just wasn’t there.


The story thrown out the window with your child is one of the most dramatic episodes of fire in high-rise residential Grenfell tower in West London earlier this summer that killed nearly 80 people. However, as shown by the investigation of Bi-bi-si, this story may well be fiction.

This story broke in news outlets around the world. However, in the records of the police and ambulances, she did not appear. But experts doubt that such a thing is physically possible.

None of the alleged witnesses of the incident are not agreed again to talk about it in front of the camera.

Journalists of the TV program BBC-BBC Newsnight found that the first mention of the episode with the baby appeared on June 14 at 10:08, when firefighters were still fighting the fire.

News Agency the Press Association has published a tweet with a link to an interview with a certain Samira Lamrani.

She told me that she saw “on the ninth or tenth floor,” the woman who threw the child out the window, and at the bottom it was caught by the man.

Tweet picked up by the media across the UK, including Bi-bi-si.

The Newsnight reporters tried again to get in touch with Lamrani, but she refused to be interviewed.

I remember that night and don’t want to talk about the incident atomania Larinioides

Another witness, who referred to the media was a presenter and architect George Clark. The day of the fire, he said in the broadcast Newsnight that she saw a man who caught a baby thrown from the window of the eighth floor.

From re interview Clark also refused, saying that “it is debatable painful situation for many people.”

On 16 June, two days after the fire, a dramatic story about the incident appeared in the Sun newspaper. It recounted numerous other publications.

Sun has published a photo of a man with a little girl in his arms. In the newspaper it was listed under the name Pat. The article said that the pictures were taken right after the Pet allegedly caught four-year-old girl, thrown from the fourth floor.