The father of “drunk boy” demanded moral compensation of 10 million rubles

The father of “drunk boy” demanded moral compensation of 10 million rubles

The father of six children who died in an accident in Balashikha in the blood which during the examination found alcohol, filed a civil suit. He demanded from the accused in the death of his child a moral compensation of 10 million RUB.

The father died in an accident in Balashikha the boy, whose blood had previously discovered alcohol, Roman Shimko, filed a civil lawsuit against the defendant in the case of an accident the Olga Alisovoy. About it RBC have informed in the press service of the bar Association Pavel Astakhov, which represents the interests of the Roman Shimko.

The lawsuit, filed in Railway court of the city of Balashikha, contains claim 61 560 RUB funeral costs and 10 million rubles of moral compensation.

“We understand that the child is not returned, however, the civil suit is standard practice in such situations. Moreover, we see no remorse or compassion from the accused, the lawyer said Shimko Victor Danilchenko, stressing that his client caused “enormous moral damage”.

“This tragedy has touched the lives of family Shimko, who will never be the same. The mother of the deceased boy is in a dire state of depression and despair. Lengthy court proceedings and sometimes not very healthy media attention will only aggravate the injury,” he said, noting that his client has repeatedly expressed the desire to channel funds for charity.

The father of the deceased in the accident of a boy Roman Shimko is currently being the victim in two criminal cases — on accidents and negligence.

The accident, which killed a child, occurred on April 23 in the Rail (urban district of Balashikha near Moscow). Behind the wheel was Olga beneficial. Medical examination showed the presence in the blood of the deceased boy 2.7 ppm of alcohol. On this basis, the case against Alisovoy closed.