The DPRK learned about the details of the military operation of the USA and South Korea

The DPRK learned about the details of the military operation of the USA and South Korea

The location of key military and strategic infrastructure, power plants and the plan of joint actions of U.S. troops and South Korea in case of war with North Korea — these are all classified data in the hands of North Korean hackers. This was reported by the newspaper Financial Times (FT). From documents Pyongyang has learned how the allies were going to eliminate Kim Jong UN. The theft of the documents occurred a year ago, but South Korean experts still trying to find out what data was available to the DPRK.

The situation around North Korea remains tense. Donald trump threatens to destroy the DPRK in response to the launches of ballistic missiles and nuclear testing, and U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis said on Monday that the American troops ready for action against the North Korean regime. But as it turned out, Pyongyang is not just preparing for retaliatory action, but you know what, this is a military operation. Writes the FT, thanks to the hackers at the disposal of Kim Jong-UN was “battle Plan — 2015” — the most recent draft of the plan of joint actions of the United States and South Korea during the invasion of North Korea. There was also described in detail all the actions of the allied forces to eliminate the North Korean leader.

Hacker attack occurred in September last year. However, it has become aware of only now. About the incident told the newspaper one of the deputies of the Parliament of South Korea and a representative of the ruling Democratic party of Lee Chul-Hee. Referring to the officials of the war Department, Mr. Chi said the total amount stolen documents was 235 GB. And content 80% of the documents still to be established. The Ministry of defence the information refused to comment.