Revealed the cause of a new disorder bill and Hillary Clinton

Hillary and bill Clinton

Bill Clinton, former U.S. President and husband of Hillary Clinton, was dissatisfied with the book “What happened”, which was released spouse. This was reported by the author of several books about the family of Clinton Edward Klein, his words reports Page Six.

“Before Hillary sent the manuscript to the publisher, she gave the bill to read it. He made significant changes in red pencil. But she even read them did not, and he got so angry that threw the entire manuscript in the trash,” he told Klein about his conversation with a close family friend of the former President. According to the interlocutor of the writer, bill believed that the book exposes Hillary’s embittered and confused, and these qualities do not suit a man who wanted to be a world leader.

“He hated the name because he believed that when people read “What happened”, they say “you lose.” Bill asked her to delay the release of the book and rewrite it, but she yelled at him and said: “the Book is finished and published it will be in this form!” concluded Klein.

He also noted that the couple had almost ceased to communicate. “Critique of bill that Hillary believes a lack of sympathy, removed them from each other. They have several months do not talk, preferring to communicate through friends and lawyers,” said Klein.

The representative of Hillary Clinton dismissed all the libels, and called Klein a “pathetic human.” The representative of bill Clinton, in turn, said about the pathological tendency of the author to lie.