North Korean hackers stole operational military plans of the US and South Korea

North Korean hackers stole a large number of secret military documents, including the latest operational plan actions South Korea and the United States in wartime. This is the Agency “Yonhap”, citing the statement of the Deputy from the democratic party of Korea Ri Cheol-Hee.

The burglary occurred in September of last year. The attack on the Defense Integrated Data Center (joint preservation centre for defense information) was stolen 5015 Operational plans and 3100.

In the first document prepared and approved jointly by the American and South Korean military, contains step by step instructions for action in case of full-scale war with the DPRK. It also has a point about the elimination of the North Korean leadership. In the second are contained the plans for the reaction of Seoul on a local provocations of Pyongyang.

Ri Cheol-Hee said that there were 235 gigabytes of stolen military documents. They, in particular, was the instructions for the South Korean special forces units in the event of unforeseen circumstances, materials of the allied intelligence and information on key military installations and power plants in South Korea.

On 4 April it was reported that North Korean hackers stole the backup plan counter-offensive of the U.S. and South Korea on North Korea. They managed to get a part of a secret plan 5027. It was first compiled in 1978. The document is updated every two years and involves a strategy of troop deployment, the list of key purposes on the territory of North Korea, as well as the scheme of protection checkpoints at the border. The U.S. and South Korea made it to the event of an attack by Pyongyang.