Muscovites panicked because of the “new Bittsevsky maniac”

Continued: Source denied the emergence of a new maniac in Bitsa Park

Residents of the South-West of the capital concerned by the circulating in the media and social networks information about the murders committed recently in the Bitsevsky forest. The administrator of community in “Vkontakte”, dedicated to the district Troparevo-Nikulino, told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the streets are plastered with fliers of the alleged murderer.

According to Vladislav Utkin, the suspect by sight 35-40 years, he is of Asian appearance, medium build and height about 175-180 cm. “Saw him in Troparevo recently, all the crimes he committed in the Bitsa forest Park, predominantly either in the evening or at night”, — said the interlocutor of the radio station.

He believes that the murderer has a mental disorder. “For example, the woman he inflicted 20 stab wounds, one of the men cut off his feet. The corpse was dismembered, roughly speaking,” said Utkin.

Materials on теме00:02 — 30 Sepin Cut Rossiiskie worst serial killers of the USSR and Russia

Information about the “new Bitsa maniac” spread of the community of residents of the areas adjacent to Bitza forest, Yasenevo, Tyoply Stan’kovo of Moscow and others. Published data vary: for example, the public “Yasenevo, Konkovo, the Warm camp” tells about one victim, “Troparevo-Nikulino” — about several, and in Chertanovo write about 4-5 dead.

October 3-4, in the Bitsa forest and near it, on the street Miklukho-Maklaya, found the body of a murdered woman with stab wounds (what about this case discusses most of the public) and the remains of a man respectively. Was prosecuted. Reason to believe that there’s a relationship, not yet, said in the Metropolitan Chapter of the Investigative Committee. Source “” in law enforcement have also questioned the fact that in the Bitsa forest there’s a new serial killer.

Meanwhile, “Moskovsky Komsomolets” informs that on 9 October in the Park was found the body of an elderly woman, but there were no signs of violent death. According to preliminary information, the pensioner died from a heart attack, however, as noted MK, locals continue to scare each other by a maniac.

From 1992 to 2006 in the Bitsa forest commit murder, Alexander Pichushkin, dubbed the Bittsevsky maniac. Among the victims, 46 men and 3 women. He is serving a life sentence in the colony “the polar owl”.