Media: Texas student shot and killed a COP on campus

Media: Texas student shot and killed a COP on campus

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — RIA Novosti. Student shot and killed a law enforcement officer at a police precinct at Texas tech University and then fled, according to local TV station KCBD.

According to the channel, the shooting happened at about 20.00 on Monday. The University said they gave the 19-year-old student Hollis Daniels to the police station for verification. When he got to the station, then pulled out a gun and shot a COP who was killed on the spot. The student then fled from the scene.

“The shooting occurred in the police station of the University. Shooter on the run. The campus is locked”, — stated in the message in Twitter of the University.

A shooting has been reported at TTU Police Department. Shooter is at large. The campus is on lockdown. Take shelter.

— Texas Tech (@TexasTech) October 10, 2017
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The police said that the shooter fled in a car and is still on the run. The campus is cordoned off. Students and employees are advised to seek shelter in safe places.