Hungary will initiate revision of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with EU

Petro Poroshenko

Budapest will require a renegotiation of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the European Union because of the acceptance of Kiev of the law on education. This was stated by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto during a meeting with leaders of the Transcarpathian Hungarian organisations and representatives of the churches in Uzhgorod, reports Magyar Nemzet.

According to him, the new law violates the clauses of the Agreement, and could lead to even worse consequences for the national minorities than it was during the Soviet Union. He said that schools teaching the Ukrainian language, found themselves in a ten-year term under threat of closure, which would deprive residents of their native language. “We can’t allow this, the Hungarian government will not take a firm position on this issue. It is unacceptable that the EU in the 21st century, the schools closed just because they teach in minority languages”, — said the Minister.

Siarto has promised that will pay attention to the Ukrainian law at the meeting of foreign Ministers of member States of the EU next Monday in Luxembourg. He added that the only way to resolve this violation of the rights of minorities is increasing international pressure on Kiev.

5 Oct Hungary urged Russia to unite for joint pressure on Ukraine. According to the Deputy head of the international Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament Marton local meetings, Ukraine’s neighbors must work together to speak out against the act of Ukrainization of education. “We impact how, but it is clearly not enough. Unfortunately, the international community is silent on this issue.”

On September 5 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on education, which actually bans the teaching of any language other than Ukrainian. In particular, in 2018 abolished the teaching of subjects in the languages of national minorities since the fifth grade. From 2020, the education in the languages of national minorities will be eliminated in the lower grades.