Did not want to pay the expense of the American Freeloader “mined” restaurant

Visiting the restaurant in the American Pittsburgh reported about the alleged bomb in a neighboring school bomb not to pay the bill. It is reported by WPXI News.

Prior to that, he twice tried to escape from the institution. The first time a man named Barry Clapperton prevented by the café staff, the second — other visitors.

In the restaurant the police arrived, triggered by the administration of the institution. The patrol heard a man calling the emergency services and reports laid out in a nearby restaurant bomb. Perhaps he hoped to hide after the beginning of the turmoil.

As told the guards, Clapperton ran out of the restaurant, but far away he could not go. Police caught up with him on the opposite side of the street, stopped with a Taser and arrested.

Clapperton charged with the threat of weapons of mass destruction, the drinking of alcoholic beverages in a public place, the terrorist threat and escape.

11 Jul guards in the Spanish region of Navarra in the North of the country have detained 14 of the restaurant, not to pay the bill and tried to escape. The total cost of the dinner group of Italians exceeded 600 euros. Tourists in total ordered 16 dishes, as well as 15 alcoholic drinks and one coffee. After the arrest, travelers paid for food and left a tip, said the police. Did the Italians any punishment for his actions, not reported.