Chick Kaffir horned crow was born in the Moscow zoo

Chick Kaffir horned crow was born in the Moscow zoo

This is the first offspring from a pair of ravens that lives in the capital’s zoo for 20 years.

For the first time at the Moscow zoo were born chick Kaffir horned crow. It can be seen in the pavilion “House of birds” the old territory of the zoo.

“The birth of a chick Kaffir horned crow — the long-awaited event for us. The parents of the baby live in the zoo for 20 years, but still never brought the offspring,” — said the press service of the Moscow zoo.

Kaffir horned Raven is the largest member of the family of hornbills.

Its name they received because of the large beak is crooked. Adult female horned crow weighs up to four kilograms, the male — to six. In length the bird can reach 120 centimeters. Horned crows live only in Africa South of the equator. The local tribes call them sacred. Africans believe that the birds predict the onset of the rainy season. It is believed that Horny Raven lets out a loud scream, similar to lion’s roar, anticipating a change in the weather. It is possible to distinguish at a distance up to five kilometers. The appearance of crow horned Kaffir vivid and memorable. Against black feathers stands out red skin around eyes and front of the neck. A strong beak is able to lift prey weighing more than three pounds.

Kaffir horned Raven listed in the Red book as a vulnerable species.

In captivity with good care, the bird lives more than 60 years, but very seldom reproduces. As added in the press service of the Moscow zoo, horned crows are very sensitive to external factors. Therefore, the long-awaited egg, which appeared in birds, the staff of the zoo was immediately taken to the incubator.