As you travel the kings, presidents and the Pope

As you travel the kings, presidents and the Pope

Why the monarchs of Britain do not fly in the same plane, which is made of shell in the jet to the Sultan of Brunei and where is the ketchup.

Golden ladder, a thousand people work and booked the entire Four Seasons hotel — this is what, among other things, remembered the first visit of king of Saudi Arabia to Russia. Seeing the monarch, Forbes Life had colleagues tell OneTwoTrip, as you travel to other world leaders, and learned that is stored in the case with Pope Francis, why Prince William can not travel with your own son, and that is on Board the Sultan of Brunei.

The Royal family of great Britain

Prince William and Kate Middleton in recent years has made several world tour: official visits, they visited New Zealand, Australia, India, Bhutan and Canada. In all the travels of the Royal family accompanies the doctor of the Naval forces of great Britain and a small entourage of 10-20 people.

According to the rules in the same plane can’t fly two monarchs: for example, Prince Charles and the Queen or Prince Charles and Prince William. This is done for more security. Prince William may be in the same plane with their son Prince George just before Tom turns 12.

Before the trip to Buckingham Palace is associated with chefs in countries where the monarch and specifies the menu. One of the prerequisites: – course must be a minimum of seasonings to breath monarchs remained fresh. By the way, British monarchs travel not eat seafood — they are easier to poison.

The President of the United States

In every country there are “air force one”, which transports the first persons of the state. In the United States is the Boeing VC-25A, where there is a President’s working office and reception area, and presidential apartments are located in the nose of the ship. In the presidential liner can comfortably accommodate over 100 people.

Rumor has it that the plane of the current us leader Donald trump is always kept a bottle of ketchup to anywhere can be submitted to the President his favorite steak.

The American President is always accompanied by an impressive number of bodyguards (sometimes they take up the whole hotel at the destination), and it only moves in an armored car.

The King Of Saudi Arabia