Vorobyov urged the heads of municipalities to pay attention to street lighting

The Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov instructed the heads of municipalities of the region to draw attention to the need to ensure full operation of the street lighting system. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Monday, 9 October.

“A large number of complaints from residents goes on lighting. Please pay attention of heads of areas on timely service lighting in cities. We think that this work is also important” — said Vorobyov at the meeting with the leadership of the regional government.

Also at the meeting were discussed the issues of uninterrupted heat supply in residential houses and social facilities, implementation of state and municipal programs.

On 23 may, the Minister of energy of the Moscow region Leonid Neganov said, to the end of the year on the roads of the region you plan to install more than eight thousands of lanterns on the streets — more than nine thousand. Andrei Vorobyov said that “the dark places” should not be either large or small cities suburbs.

The head of the gosadmtekhnadzor of the Moscow region Tatiana Vimosewa noted in the same month that the number of citizens ‘ complaints about the poor lighting coming through the government Internet service “Dobrodel” for the year decreased from 11 to three thousand.