The Senator said about the risk of “world war III” because of trump

The Senator said about the risk of “world war III” because of trump

The head of the Senate foreign relations Committee, Republican Senator Bob Corker accused the President of the United States Donald trump’s “reckless threats” to other countries. Such actions, according to the Senator, can lead to a third world war, writes The New York Times.

The Senator said that the President refers to the policy as a “reality show” and not aware of their actions. “He [trump] bothers me. It should disturb anyone who cares about our nation,” said Corker.

He also noted that trump has repeatedly thwarted diplomatic efforts by his statements on Twitter.

“I know that in several cases involving talks, he hurt us the way he describes things on Twitter,” explained Corker. He stressed that often trump tweets “not true”.

As says the publication, these statements become part of the political conflict between trump and the head of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs. While support for Corker, said The New York Times, can be the decisive trump in a number of areas — from decisions on tax reform to the future of the nuclear deal with Iran, which is trump going to cancel. Sunday, October 8, trump insulted Corker on Twitter, accusing him that he has decided not to run for re-election because he “was not courage.” In turn, Corker responded to Trump’s own tweet: “Shame that the White house became an adult the children’s home. This morning someone apparently missed my shift”.

Trump has repeatedly stated its intention to resolve the Korean question, however, he did not rule out the possibility of the use of force. On 8 October he once again criticized the actions of their predecessors on the DPRK and said that there is only “one way” to resolve differences on the Korean Peninsula. To explain what he meant, trump did not.