The plant “Dagdizel” to develop a new submarine torpedo and helicopter for mountainous terrain

The General Director of the plant “Dagdizel” Raul Ilyasov

© Vladimir Smirnov/TASS

Forming enterprise of the monotown of Kaspiisk in Dagestan, JSC “Zavod “Dagdizel”, which has recently been on the verge of bankruptcy. After the accession to the JSC “Corporation “Tactical missiles” the plant got its second wind — now here are developing promising models of weapons and even aircraft.

As told TASS the General Director of the plant Raul Ilyasov, currently in the “Dagdizel” preparing for the testing of the latest submarine torpedoes of their own design, and also working to create prototypes of the helicopter, which is scheduled to present at the largest International aerospace salon (MAKS) in 2018.

The new Russian torpedo

Work on the creation of a new torpedo factory is almost completed — beginning of the state tests is scheduled for late 2017. “We are completing the development, at the end of the year to begin public testing. It is a completely Russian product, which does not depend on the components of foreign production,” said Ilyasov.

He also explained that the contract for the development of a new torpedo not concluded with the “Dagdizel” and one of the enterprises included in the Corporation “Tactical missiles” (it also included the Dagestan enterprise). However, most of the nodes of the future torpedoes will be carried out in Kaspiysk.

“We could not conclude public contract due to the debts that were in the company. Now “Dagdizel” pay off debt last year came to a profit of 103 million roubles. I hope that with the beginning of serial production of our new products, the company will be released on a fundamentally new level of development,” said Ilyasov.

The difficult financial situation at the plant after the company failed to fulfill the contract with the defense Ministry for the supply of torpedoes. It happened because one of the suppliers has ceased production of the engines, which were equipped with manufactured in Kaspiysk torpedo. A few years later, in 2014, was disrupted yet another contract — this time because of problems with Ukraine, which also supplied a number of components.

After that, the plant and thinking about creating its own torpedo. Starting in 2012, the factory in the initiative order at the expense of own funds actively began development of its own torpedoes “to ensure independence from foreign parts, and by 2015 about 80% of the total volume of works on development and preliminary tests were completed.”

“Due to the difficult financial situation of the plant, we asked the JSC “Corporation “Tactical missiles” with a request to assist in resolving the issue of financing the final phase of work by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation. Last year… failed to attract the necessary funds for the completion of the development and production of party products for state tests,” — said the head of the company.

To get to MAX

The General Director of the plant “Dagdizel” also said that currently the company is working on a helicopter designed for use in mountainous terrain at low altitudes. To tell more about the features of the future helicopter, he refused until the completion of the construction of an experimental model.

“We want to introduce the prototype of this machine at MAKS-2018’re working on it”, — said the Agency interlocutor.