The Network freaked out a dress-up black woman in white

The Network freaked out a dress-up black woman in white

Mark Dove was accused of racism after advertising gel where black girl takes off shirt and turns into light-skinned.

Attention to advertising in your Facebook drew the attention of the makeup artist under the name Naythemua. She found that the company has demonstrated the true attitude of blacks in the United States.

During the download an error has occurred.

“What America says dark-skinned people. We estimate that by the color of our skin. Depends on this evaluation of beauty in this country,” she wrote.

The post girls scored more than 9 thousand posts, after which the company was forced to apologize. The representatives of the brand explained that, on the contrary, wanted to show the same attitude towards women with skin of different colors, but the post was interpreted wrong. “We’re very sorry if someone is hurt,” said the company.

However, users of social networks explanation Dove is not convinced. “No, Dove. The is not perceived incorrectly. She has a clear message: black women were dirty,” stated @Trisha_Bateman.

The company recalled and other promotions, which saw the racism. For example, in advertising 2011, where three girls of different skin tones, has just taken a shower, stand in the background of signs “before” and “after”. Dark-skinned girl standing at labels “before” and white next to the plate “after”.