The Ministry of justice warned the American media about possible restrictions

The Ministry of justice warned the American media about possible restrictions

Limitations on the Russian side can go, if RT and Sputnik will recognize foreign agents in the United States. New measures may relate to radio stations “Voice of America”, “Radio Freedom” and the Internet project “Now”.

That the Ministry of justice has sent several us media working in Russia, writing “about the inadmissibility of violation of the Russian legislation”, the RBC reported in the press service of the Ministry.

The Ministry noted that Russian legislation provided the possibility of establishing limits for media correspondents of those States in which there are “special restrictions for the exercise of professional activities of journalists and mass media registered in the Russian Federation”.

The Department explained: the letter is “a mirror to the oppression of Russian mass media in the United States.”

Among the media that the letter was sent, was the “Voice of America”, “Radio Svoboda”, Internet projects “Now”, “Pictograph”, “Crimea.realities”, “Radio Liberty in Tatar language”, “the Caucasus.realities” and “Idel.realities” (working within NGOs, “Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty”), according to the TASS and “Novosti” with reference to sources.

RBC sent a request to the press service of “voice of America” and “Radio Liberty”.

According to the source TASS, “these actions apply only to the American media, and it is an exceptional measure in response to the possible granting of the status of the RT inherent in the United States.” He added that the response to the actions against RT and Sputnik can also go in the following directions: from quantitative restrictions to the refusal of accreditation of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation; verification of compliance with the American media of the Russian labor and tax legislation (bureaus, payment of taxes, funding schemes, contracts of employment with employees, including freelancers) with the publication of their results. “The Prosecutor General’s office currently has all the powers for the recognition of a number of American media caught meddling in Russia’s internal Affairs, the undesirable organizations in the territory of the Russian Federation”, — said the source.