The mausoleum of Lenin refused to evacuate

On Friday evening, October 6, an unknown called the police and said that in the Lenin mausoleum is a bomb and that “all will die”. About this TASS said a source in law enforcement bodies.

The administration did not evacuate the building. Arrived on the scene, cynologists have not found explosive devices.

On Friday the mausoleum is closed to visitors. The Agency did not specify, was at the time of the incident in the building people.

October 6 in Moscow, a wave of messages about bombs. During the day the number of anonymous calls has exceeded a hundred, were evacuated more than 100 thousand people. Reports about mining of buildings in different cities of the country began to emerge at the end of September.

One of the telephone terrorist was detained by Moscow police. It was them 42-the summer inhabitant of Moscow region. On 6 October he announced the mining store on the Leningrad highway. He himself at the time the call was in this store. Police discovered the bomb and soon arrested the caller.

According to the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, anonymous calls can be involved in four Russians living abroad. The service believes that these people may be accomplices in Russia. Bortnikov stressed that the damage from false reports already amounted to 300 million rubles.