The head of Iraqi Kurdistan called the condition for the freezing of the results of the referendum

Massoud Barzani

The head of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani is ready to freeze the results of the referendum on the independence of the Kurdish autonomy in exchange for the lifting of sanctions region of Baghdad. On Monday, October 9, said the Vice-President of Iraq, Osama an-Nujaifi after talks with the Kurdish leader, the TV channel AlArabiya, it is quoted by TASS.

According to an-Najafi, Barzani is ready for dialogue with the Iraqi authorities.

October 8, the leader of Iraqi Kurdistan held talks with the Vice-presidents of Iraq Osama an-Nujaifi and Adam Allawi. They discussed possible ways out of the crisis, in particular, proposed step by step plan for resolving conflicts between Erbil and Baghdad.

However, the spokesperson of the office of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Saad al-Hadisi noted that the initiative of Vice-presidents is not considered an official reflection of the policy of Baghdad, the meeting was conducted without coordination with Central authorities.

In Iraqi Kurdistan, on 25 September held a referendum on independence. According to official data, the creation of a sovereign state in favor of more than 92 percent of the population.

Against the holding of a plebiscite flatly by the government of Iraq as well as Turkey and Iran. In the United States stated that “the holding of a referendum in the disputed areas is a particularly provocative and destabilizing”.

Iraqi Kurdistan is the unofficial name of the Kurdish Autonomous region in the North and North-East of Iraq, which has the status of a wide autonomy within the country’s legally enshrined in the Constitution. Included in this region’s province of Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil are traditionally the place of residence of Kurds. In the region the government is the Kurdistan Democratic party led by Massoud Barzani.