The fire in the shopping center “Sindika” localized

The fire in the shopping center “Sindika” localized

As one of the versions of the reasons of the fire is considered arson, said a source in law enforcement bodies.


MOSCOW, October 8. /TASS/. A fire in the building, shopping center “grad” in Moscow localised, have informed in the situation room.

“The declared location of the fire at 22:56 MSK”, — said the representative of the headquarters. According to him, the fire is localized on the area of 55 thousand square meters.

The pockets of fire in the building continue, said the head EMERCOM of Russia across Moscow region Sergey Politikin. He noted that a threat of distribution of fire removed, as were involved in the complex “Squall”.

The excess of maximum permissible concentration of hazardous substances is not observed.Sergei Politicalsocial EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow region

The cause of the fire and amount of damage will establish a forensic laboratory after the fire, said Politiken.

In extinguishing the fire involved more than 350 people and over 180 units of equipment, including three helicopters Ka-32 with drain devices. Also involved specialized fire and rescue equipment — work platforms, ladders, fire tankers. “Aircraft produced 120 discharges, merged over 600 tons of water”, — stated in the message of EMERCOM of Russia.

As reported TASS a source in law enforcement bodies, experts are considering several versions of the causes of fire, including arson.

“But while talking about them, the subject would be premature, as experts will now study fire after its complete elimination,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In a press-service of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region said that three people had been injured.

“As a result of a fire for medical assistance to three people,” — said the press officer. According to the source TASS in the emergency services, one person was taken to the Institute. Sklifosovsky, two more medical aid was rendered on an outpatient basis. The condition of the hospitalized men is estimated as moderate severity. “He burns that do not pose a threat to life,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

In a press-service of the Ministry said that warning systems and proper evacuation helped prevent loss of life. “As soon as there was smoke in the building triggered the alarm system and alerts. People immediately asked to leave the premises, organized their evacuation, — said the Agency interlocutor. — This helped to avoid panic and the onset of the severe consequences given the fact that smoke billowed from the warehouse with building materials, which are extremely dangerous to humans”.