The fire fully engulfed fire near ring road market

Employees of fire protection of EMERCOM extinguish a fire at Moscow construction market Sindika Continued: the Burnt market near the Moscow ring road and Ka-32 over it took off from the height of bird flight

The fire spread over the entire area of the suburban building center “Sindica” is located on 65 km of Moscow, reported “Interfax” in the regional Central Board MOE.

The total market area is 150 thousand square meters. The interviewee noted that the area of 55 thousand square meters a few scattered fires.

According to him, the probability of collapse of the roof of the market. “Most likely, the roof may not fall over the whole area, and parts at the moment”, — he explained.

As reported “Interfax” a source in operational staff on elimination of emergency situations, the fire occurred in part of the market, where they kept the building and paint materials.

As reports TASS with reference to the representative of EMERCOM in Moscow region, as of 18:30 Moscow time came the collapse of the roof over an area of 300 square meters.

Earlier it was reported that the underground Parking of the shopping complex was fully engulfed with fire, and under the action of high temperatures there began to explode car.

Now the building shows all of the people — more than three thousand people. The police are not allowed inside the market workers. According to “Interfax”, one of the employees tried to return to the building to save their property. Rescuers brought it to the Parking lot, he was hospitalized with minor burns and intoxication.

Fire on construction market “Sindika” began in the afternoon of Sunday, October 8. In its elimination involved two helicopters and 25 fire brigades.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. A source in the services of technical supervision the Moscow region in conversation with “Interfax” has assumed that speech can go as about violations of the rules of fire safety and arson.