The British guard was caught smuggling weapons

French police in Calais was detained by British border guards suspected of smuggling weapons and drugs. About it reports BBC News.

Along with him were captured by his three accomplices — also British subjects. They had seized 11 firearms, 34 kilos of cocaine and seven kilograms of heroin.

At the same time on the territory of the United Kingdom passed the British intelligence operation, which resulted in the London and Kent had been arrested eight probable members of the same criminal group, six of whom were arrested. They are charged with smuggling weapons and drugs.

On 31 January it was reported that Italian police arrested three citizens, suspected of trafficking in 2011-2015 portable air defence systems (MANPADS) and combat helicopters under international sanctions on Libya and Iran.

According to investigators, the criminal group was engaged in illegal deliveries of weapons and equipment produced in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, through the third countries — Ukraine and Tunisia.

29 Dec 2016, it became known that the former head of division on struggle against a drug trafficking of Helsinki Jari Aarnio, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug smuggling. The district court found Aarnio guilty of smuggling some 900 kilograms of hashish to Finland from the Netherlands.