Putin allowed foreigners to fight in ranks of Russian army abroad

Putin allowed foreigners to fight in ranks of Russian army abroad

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on amending the Regulation on the procedure of military service.

Previously prescribed in Regulation norm coincides with the norm of the law “On military duty and military service”, according to which military servicemen, foreigners can take part in “the performance of tasks under conditions of martial law and in armed conflict”, making it in accordance with the generally recognized principles and norms of international law and international treaties and Russian legislation.

On the participation of employees in the Russian army of foreigners in operations outside the territory of Russia the law also says nothing. Foreigners can serve in the Russian army under the contract only the soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen, and do not have the right to hold officer positions.

Unlike Russians, foreigners for admission to military service not an oath of “allegiance to the Fatherland”, but give a commitment “to abide by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, strictly to comply with military regulations, orders of commanders and superiors to adequately perform their military duty.”

In accordance with the law, military units of the Russian Armed forces sent abroad to suppress international terrorist activities must be completed by contractors on a voluntary basis. Currently, Russian soldiers take part in military operations in Syria, but the defense Ministry did not disclose data on bringing to the military actions of contractors from among foreign citizens.