Named the most popular episodes from the TV series of the 90s

Named the most popular episodes from the TV series of the 90s

Portal BuzzFeed has named the best episodes of the popular situational comedies and TV shows of the 1990-ies according to cinematology IMDb. The list, published on Monday, October 9, included 25 series.

Episode-the musical from the sixth season of “Buffy vampire Slayer” has the highest rating in the list — 9.8 points.

Best episode of Friends the users of IMDb have considered the finale of the tenth season. He put a 9.7 score. In the sitcom “the fresh Prince of Bel-air” with will Smith in the lead role of the leader is the 24th episode of the fourth season. Series titled Papa’s Got a Brand-New Excuse also received a 9.7 score.

In the x-files the most popular was the picture of the vampire Bad Blood with 9.4 points.

Film enthusiasts also noted 27th Christmas cartoon “Hey Arnold!” (nine points) and the episode titled “two-face” from the animated series “Batman” (eight points). In addition, the list includes sitcoms “Full house”, “family matters” and animated Comedy “Oh, these kids!”.

In late September, critics of the newspaper The Guardian called the best films of the 1990-ies. The rankings were, in particular, film “pulp fiction,” “Romeo + Juliet” and “Gummo”.