In Puerto Rico sent a plane with $ because of the shortage of cash

The President of the Federal reserve Bank (FRB) of new York William Dudley quickly responded to the request of the bankers Puerto Rico to avert financial collapse, threatening the state after the hurricane “Maria”. On Monday, October 9, according to Bloomberg.

For help to the financiers from the USA asked the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Popular Inc. Richard Carrion, after this the island was sent to the aircraft with dollars. The amount of the expelled Americans, not specified.

Hurricane “Maria” hit Puerto Rico on September 20. As a result of the disaster destroyed almost all power supply system that returned the island during the calculations only in cash and local financial institutions experienced their acute shortage.

“We assumed that cash would be a problem. But to such extent [lack of money] we’ve never faced,” said Carrion.

4 October it was reported that the victims of the hurricane “Maria” in Puerto Rico became 34 people. The US President Donald trump, who visited the island, said that local authorities “can be proud that as a result of hurricane killed so few people.” He also stressed that the debts of the dependent territories will be charged.