In Nizhny Tagil the reservoir turned green because of the chemicals

In Nizhny Tagil the reservoir turned green because of the chemicals

The Nizhny Tagil inter-regional environmental Prosecutor’s office is going through the court to ban the company “Vodokanal-NT”, which deals with water supply and sanitation in the city, pollute Chernoistochinskoe reservoir. About this newspaper “Tagil worker”.

The Supervisory Agency publication explained that the pond turned green due to the fact that it contains the washings from the filters at the plant. The “Vodokanal-NT” refuses to change the technological scheme for the sake of economy, noted environmental attorney Denis Isakov.

Previously, the Agency began checking on the fact of pollution of the pond. For examination samples were taken from green from the chemicals of water, according to URA.RU.

During the previous inspection it was found that “Vodokanal” is causing significant harm to the environment. So, there were 57-fold excess aluminium concentrations in discharged wastewater enterprise.

The quantity of suspended solids exceeded the norm in 2.1 times, repeatedly been exceeded and the contents of iron, manganese, lead, copper.

In July 2017 at the request of the Prosecutor of Roskomnadzor for the systematic violations of the law fined 135 thousand rubles, and its Director for 25 thousand rubles. Then the leadership of the organization appealed against the decision, and they have not entered into force.

8 Oct local ecologist Andrew Volegov published on his page in the social network “Vkontakte” pictures painted in bright green color of the water in the pond. When it turned green the entire beach at the reservoir.

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Earlier in July this year in Chernoistochinsk reservoir was fixed large-scale marine fish. A year earlier the fish in the pond also perished EN masse due to water pollution.