Doubting the legend of the ancient king Thais threatened 15 years of prison

Thai social activist, who questioned the veracity of legends about the ancient king, faces 15 years in prison. About it reports The South China Morning Post.

Sulak Sivaraksa appeared before a military court of Bangkok on Monday, 9 October. 85-year-old activist during a speech in front of an audience in 2014, urged people to think critically about history. As an example, he cited the legendary duel between king Nauseaum Great and Prince of Burma: according to legend, the two monarchs in 1593 fought riding on elephants, and the Thai leader defeated his opponent.

“It seems they don’t like me because I never shut up. I’m telling the truth. I believe in the Quakers”, in that the authorities need to tell the truth. I feel it’s my duty”, — quotes its words the Bangkok Post.

According to the criminal law of Thailand to insult the reigning monarch or members of the Royal family is punishable with imprisonment up to 15 years.

Lawyers for the men insist that these laws do not apply to deceased royalty.