A man with a lively brain-dead

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The patient who partially regained consciousness after 15 years in a vegetative state, died of a lung infection a few months after treatment. The decision to conceal the death of the patient from the public has been criticized by a number of specialists. About it reports The Guardian.

Vegetative state of mental activity is impossible due to the fact that the cortex is not working. This may result in brain trauma or lack of oxygen due to cardiac arrest. The longer a person is immersed in this state, the lower the probability of exit. Only a small number of patients comes after six months of vegetative life.

Male 35 years of age had an operation, during which the vagus nerve was connected to a source of electric current. Stimulation of the cortex was carried out for six months. It was reported that the patient began to open his eyes, to follow the people in the room and began to respond to requests to turn his head. He also tried to smile. In addition, the brain scans showed a change in activity, showing the transition from vegetative state to minimal consciousness.

However, it turned out that scientists had concealed the fact of death of the patient. According to the researchers, it was justified by the fact that relatives of the deceased wanted to keep the death of the patient secret. Also, doctors worried that in the eyes of the public the cause of death of men will be the procedure itself, and not pneumonia.

Other experts believe that silence about the death of a patient could create an overly optimistic picture of rehabilitation of men. As a result, many families who have a relative in a vegetative state, was too encouraged by the media reports.