A fire in the building market of Moscow extinguished

Open burning in the shopping center “grad” in Moscow it is liquidated. This was reported on the website of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow region.

The fire was localized on the area of 55 thousand square meters at 22:56, open burning is eliminated at 07:03.

The elimination of fire were involved in more than 350 people and over 180 units of equipment, including helicopters Ka-22. Involved specialized fire and rescue equipment — work platforms, ladders, fire tankers.

As a result of a fire that occurred on Sunday evening, October 8, the market in Strogino actually destroyed. Collapsed roof on the area of 1 thousand square meters, and walls. Blew up a few cars in the underground Parking. All the people were evacuated. According to the MOE, injured three people.

Construction center “Sindica” was opened in 2014 after extensive renovations. On an area of over 130 thousand square meters housed more than 1,2 thousand stores.