Zakharova have compared the expulsion from Ukraine of a journalist with NTV witch hunt

Maria Zakharova

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova compared the deportation from Ukraine correspondent of TV channel NTV Vyacheslav Nemysheva with the medieval witch hunt. With this statement she made in an interview Irade Zeynalova says for NTV.

“Slightly resembles a medieval witch hunt. Taken from the street just on call and on demand of any citizen whom he did not like”, — said Zakharov.

Vyacheslav Nemysheva were deported from Ukraine on 5 October. In the message of the SBU was said that the reporter “detrimental to the national interests of Ukraine”. He was also denied entry into the country for three years.

Wednesday, October 4, Nemysheva detained during a recording stand-when you try to cut with a knife “Kiev” cake. It blocked the unknown, which later demanded that the Kiev police to detain a journalist. The reporter asserted that the initiator of the detention may be involved in Ukrainian nationalist organizations.

The National police of Ukraine reported that Nemysheva detained for “committing a criminal offence”. According to representatives of law and order, he had discovered the accreditation of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, so the Department has invited the SBU.

Nemyshev were preparing a report for the program “Central television” and carried an editorial assignment NTV.