The state Duma will clarify the laws on social networks

The state Duma will clarify the laws on social networks

Experts fear that in response, the Duma will start trolling even more.

The state Duma in November will launch three educational project designed to explain to citizens the laws that they don’t understand.

The request came from the citizens themselves through the accounts of the chamber on social media, which earned in April.

Their users “regularly asked questions on the various initiatives and often incorrectly interpretiruya the laws”, said the source in the apparatus. Joint editorial of the state Duma on social networks began to carry out explanatory work in the “available forms” by posting videos, infographics, graphic card bills. “It is extremely important in an accessible form to explain to citizens the laws, otherwise it creates confusion and discontent,” adds the source in the apparatus.

To increase the coverage of the audience, the Duma, first, going to soon offer a joint project of the Internet media. Secondly, it is planned to launch an educational project in which the Council will explain the incomprehensible to citizens the laws. To identify the state Duma together with the Regional public center of Internet technologies (ROCIT) will conduct surveys of citizens. The results of the surveys will be prepared flash cards on the most obscure bills, which will pereskazyvat their essence, these cards ROCIT plans to provide.

The project “#Domotique” suggests that social Council will be an additional platform to explain the laws. Any user can post the question not just under the posts on the pages of the state Duma, but also on his personal page, attaching the hashtag “#Domotique”.

The third project will help to collect the complaints of citizens through social networks that, according to the staff, not used yet by any other authority. Council will order a special app that will collect all required for submittal of information and pass it into the existing system of collection of citizens.

There is a General trend to replace communication with voters, virtual simulations, for which it is impossible to monitor the quality, said political analyst Alexander Kynev. Experience suggests that memo and comments to the laws written by officials for officials, he explains. Nothing wrong with education, but it should not be a substitute for live communication with citizens. Over the past month, every news of the state Duma in the official group in a network “In contact” read 10,000, for comparison, the entries in the account of Vladimir Zhirinovsky gaining an average of 49,000, said the Director of the Agency “Internet campaigning” Valery Soloviev.