The new US Ambassador in Russia revealed his main goal

John Huntsman

New US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman in an interview with radio station KSL told about the main target in this position.

He said that he was going to restore trust between the two nuclear superpowers. The huntsman added that relations between Moscow and Washington is the most sophisticated in the world and currently they are characterized by a low level of confidence.

“We must not think that it will be easy or quick. However, I believe that with good will on both sides we can begin effective work together to address some of the key issues,” he said.

On 6 October, the huntsman said that Moscow and Washington are probably experiencing the most difficult period in relations since the cold war. The diplomat added that the biggest challenge for him at the head of the us diplomatic mission in Russia will be able to demonstrate that “we can achieve results in these relationships and make them better both American and Russian people.”