The canadian won the lottery for 25 million dollars

A resident of the canadian province of Ontario won the lottery of 31.3 million canadian dollars (25 million U.S. dollars). About it reports the Toronto Sun.

Lucky numbers for unnamed Canadians were 10, 17, 25, 27, 29, 34 38. The bonus number was 48. According to the rules of the lotteries in Canada, to win you need to submit to the organizers a ticket.

In July it became known about the pensioner from Quebec, the second time in nine years, won the lottery a million dollars. 69-year-old Jules, the couple hit the jackpot in online casino Loto-Quebec. For participation in the game which brought him a cheque of 1.2 million, he paid a little over three American dollars. Casino has estimated the chance of such a win as one in 32 million. The couple also won a million dollars in 2008.