Steve Wozniak spoke at MSU and told what technology exactly “die”

Steve Wozniak spoke at MSU and told what technology exactly “die”

MOSCOW, 8 Okt — news, Anna Urmantsev. On Saturday at the Festival of science was made by the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. It was presented to the public by Oleg Bartunov, CEO Postgres Professional, which sponsored the lecture, and invited to the stage personally by rector Viktor Antonovich Sadovnichy. Steve answered the questions prepared in advance, showing the engineering approach to virtually any fields of activity.

— The existing artificial intelligence different from the human brain?

— Artificial intelligence is waiting orders in order to understand how to solve a particular task. The brain figures out how it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, we do not have any idea about how the brain works. In addition, the brain is cost effective to get such a “complicated thing”, just nine months.

— Can the robot in the future, to emotions and to fall in love?

— I do not deny such a scenario. I think we don’t really imagine how can approach each other with robots. This situation is described in the movie “her” — but there we are talking about the operating system.

— What do you think about blockchain technology, it will not dissolve in the bureaucratic system?

I stood at the cradle of development of this technology, participated in its development. If we analyze bitcoin, it becomes clear that this currency is based on math, not politics. I live in a country where pretty much just print money. From this point of view, bitcoin looks solid, also, they do not have a single control center. I think we should fight to make the blockchain technology has penetrated in banking, medical and other fields.