In Nizhni Novgorod the bus dragged the woman for a foot several meters

Taxi T-71 in Nizhny Novgorod

Taxi driver in Nizhny Novgorod closed the door and pinned the woman’s leg with a three year old child in her arms. The car dragged the young mother on the pavement a few meters. On this edition of “” said the victim’s husband Michael.

According to him, the minibus stopped only when passengers began to shout to the driver. He opened the door, freed the passenger and left.

“The result was a shock to his wife and child, a broken Shoe, the injury of the lower limb (recorded in the emergency room),” added the man. He noted that the woman managed to pull the baby from his hands, and he was not injured. The family wrote a statement to the police.

Earlier the newspaper “Pro City Nizhniy Novgorod” reported that on 1 June a local resident fell out of the back door taxi when the driver slammed on the gas and left. As a result, the girl sustained a leg injury. To stand, she was helped by passers-by.