In Finland found pregnant man

In Finland found pregnant man

In Finland, physicians are faced bears a child by a transsexual man. On Saturday, October 7, reports Yle.

As noted, he was born a woman but then underwent a sex-change operation in 2016 received the documents for the male name. Then the tranny decided to discontinue the hormonal therapy after surgery, sex-change, wanting to get pregnant.

The pregnant man and his partner indicate that the pregnancy is going well. At the same time, there is also the problem of identification bearing fruit in computer programs used by doctors, they do not recognize the situation in which the pregnancy develops in a person with male identification number, which the couple arise and bureaucracy.

An employee of the organization for the protection of the rights of minorities Seta, dealing with issues of transsexualism, believes that this case may not be the first in a series of male pregnancies in Finland. “Theoretically, if the biological changes a woman by performing sex to male, then after surgery you can take a break from hormone therapy and to bear a child. Maybe some other couple had resorted to this method”, — noted in the organization.