What we still don’t know about the shooting in Las Vegas?

What we still don’t know about the shooting in Las Vegas?

The police of Las Vegas announced that it had studied hundreds of leads that could shed light on the motives of Stephen Paddock, shot in Las Vegas 58 people and committed suicide, but was unable to install them. What else don’t we know even now, almost a week after the bloodiest mass murder in US history?

15фотографий15фотографий15фотографийМы studied everything — personal life of the suspect, his social activism, political Outlook, financial status and even a possible connection with the radicals, of whom so much was said.Kevin Manmachineman Sheriff of Las Vegas

However, the police have so far not been able to understand why the wealthy, the pensioner has gone on the offense. What else don’t we know about what happened even now, almost a week after the bloodiest mass murder in US history?

Why the Paddock did it?

Sheriff of Las Vegas Joseph Lombardo said that now the police are investigating the contents of the computer and several gadgets found in a hotel room from which the Paddock shot at the visitors of the festival country.

In the same room, police found a note with some figures, however, the investigators did not report what these numbers mean. We only know that they do not consider the paper found no suicide note or a Manifesto like those that sometimes write a mass murderer.

In addition, the police raided two houses in which he lived, the suspect, and took out the things she believes can help in establishing the motives of the shooter. However, details about what was seized, the police does not.

At the moment the authorities found no reason to believe that the Paddock could share any extreme views. He also attempted to call the police and tell about his motives, as did Omar Matin, killed 49 people in Orlando.

Commenting on the investigation, Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe said that this case is “somewhat different from many of those who have already had to investigate to this.”

He had planned other murders?

Over the past year with a small Paddock got a real Arsenal, buying dozens of handguns and rifles and setting some of them a special device that allows you to shoot semi automatic weapons at close to the speed of the machine.

In just 13 months, he bought a 33 “barrel”, of which 24 are brought to the Mandalay Bay hotel along with several thousand rounds. All the Paddock had to raise in a room on the 32nd floor of the hotel, 10 suitcases of weapons and ammunition.

However, the police claimed that he could choose as their goal other music festivals in different cities.

It is already known that a week before the shooting at the country music festival he’s booked the Deluxe room in another hotel of Las Vegas.

The Windows of the room overlooked the square, which at that time held a music festival called “Life is beautiful”, among the headliners of which were, in particular, the British band Muse.

In addition, the American journalists claim that the Paddock was interested and Lollapalooza in Chicago, which takes place in August and an annual gathering of hundreds of thousands of spectators. He also supposedly studied the hotels in Boston.