The inhabitant of Novosibirsk has admitted to killing mother

The inhabitant of Novosibirsk has admitted killing his mother. On Saturday, October 7, according to the regional Department of the Russian IC.

According to investigators, on September 27 at the dump the homeless have found a corpse of a woman with signs of violent death. Photos of the deceased was published in the media, it was later identified by neighbors.

October 5, the son of the murdered was for identification, which confirmed the identity of the victim. He said that a woman a few days ago left home, and he knew nothing about her whereabouts.

Investigators checked the man on the lie detector, in the course of interrogation, he confessed to the murder, saying that the mother strangled a belt from a Bathrobe, and then carried the corpse in the trash.

The suspect is detained, on 6 October the court decided to remand.

5 October in Novosibirsk on suspicion of the murder of 6-year-old girl and 11-month-old boy was arrested on 23-year-old mother. The cause of death of both children experts called strangulation. The woman is no explanation for the incident is not given.