The British clothing manufacturer has created a leather jacket in honor of the anniversary, Putin

The British clothing manufacturer has created a leather jacket in honor of the anniversary, Putin

The cost of the jacket will be £ 1299.

LONDON, 6 Oct. /Offset. TASS Ilya Dmitriev/. British brand Matchless London has released a model jacket, the creation of which was inspired by the image of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The announcement is timed to celebrate October 7, the 65th anniversary of the Russian leader, while round date reflected in the design of the model itself.

We put the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in a number of superheroes, paying tribute to his strong character, the image of a strong man, his sense of humor and equanimity as a world leader.Manuela Maltotrioside Director of Matchless London

“In its 65 years of Putin riding horses and motorcycles, playing hockey and practicing judo, as far as we can judge from media reports. This is an unusual schedule, even for leaders who are much younger than him. And Yes, he rules Russia, the world SuperVeloce power.”

Inspired by the Russian leader jacket presented in the model of the bomber jacket — short leather jackets with zipper with elastic inserts and cuffs.

The sleeve patch with numbers 6595. Malanotte, explained the significance of this number.

Matchless Unveils Vladimir Putin-Inspired Outerwear Collection LONDON, United Kingdom — B… #artist #travel #music

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“Russia is the largest country on Earth, he said. We decided to measure the distance between the most Western point of Russia is near Kaliningrad on the Russian-Polish border and the most easterly point is the village of Naukan on the shore of the Bering Strait opposite Alaska. Google map counted between these two points is 6595 kilometers. Surprisingly, the number also reflects 6595 65th birthday of the Russian President”.

Thus, Malanotte called this jacket a good choice for someone who wants to check how accurate the calculations, and pass this distance on a motorcycle. The mention of this mode of transport not by chance — Matchless is one of the oldest motorcycle brands in the UK. Company produced them from 1899 to 1966, and now her clothes are highly appreciated among motorcyclists. As for the jacket, then, as assured in the company, it is manufactured using innovative technology and materials that can withstand its holder the temperature to minus 40 degrees.