Russia took the lead early male mortality

Russia took first place on indicators of male mortality among the European countries. For example, 43 percent of Russian men die before the age of 65. This is evidenced by the results of world Bank research, which examined RIA Novosti.

On the second and third places in early mortality among men in Europe — Ukraine and Belarus, respectively. In these countries, up to 65 years does not live a little less than 40 per cent of men. The fourth line of the rating took Moldova from 37 percent, the fifth — Lithuania, with 36 per cent. In a number of European outsiders in the male life expectancy also includes Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Armenia and Estonia.

The lowest mortality rate in Europe — in Iceland and Switzerland, where only 10 percent of men die before the age of 65. Almost the same figures (11 per cent) in Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Malta and Norway.

In September the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova reported that for the first half of 2017 to the life expectancy in Russia increased by 0.63 years and reached 72.5 years. According to her, the Russian men began to live a year longer — to 67.5 years. Life expectancy of females was 77.4 years.