New Orleans is preparing for the impact of hurricane “Nate”

New Orleans is preparing for the impact of hurricane “Nate”

In the four southern U.S. States declared a state of emergency in connection with the approaching hurricane “Nate” to the Gulf coast.

Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and parts of Florida announced the approach of the hurricane and gave orders about the beginning of the evacuation.

Evacuated and several district of the city of New Orleans, which suffered terrible damage from hurricane Katrina, 12 years ago.

Hurricane “Nate” has led to the deaths of 25 people in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras, even though he was still in the status of tropical cyclone.

Then as you get closer to the Mexican resorts, the cyclone began to intensify, and he was assigned to the first category according to the classification of hurricanes. While he concedes the force of hurricane “Maria” and “Irma” that hit these areas in September, it also brings with it strong winds and heavy rains.

A particular danger, as noted in the warnings of the local authorities, are the floods caused by surge waves. Some low-lying areas decided to evacuate residents.

The Governor of Louisiana Bel Edwards has declared an emergency in connection with approach of “Nate”, which should fall upon coast of the state by Saturday evening local time.

According to the Governor, mobilized more than a thousand national guardsmen, some of them sent to New Orleans to monitor the status of pump drainage systems. The Governor urged all citizens living in low-lying areas to prepare to evacuate.