Jumped from a burning apartment in Omsk the girl was caught by passer-by

The investigators launched an investigation after a fire in an apartment building in Omsk, which resulted in the death of one of the tenants. His young granddaughter managed to escape by jumping out the window. On Saturday, October 7, reported on the website of the regional administration.

“The apartment is located on the second floor, completely burnt out one room. Were in the time of the fire in the apartment of a seven year old girl jumped out of the window, she was caught by the passerby. Grandpa girl left in the apartment were killed,” the message reads.

Clarifies that the child is on inspection in hospital, threat of life.

At the scene works investigative team. The audit will establish all the circumstances and the incident reasons.

In mid-September in St. Petersburg a mother with her two children jumped out of the window of the fifth floor, escaping from fire. They were all hospitalized, but later the woman died. Children condition doctors assessed as serious.