In the US, revealed the plans of terrorists to make a “second September 11”

Flag on the site of the destroyed world trade center towers in new York

Three supporters of the extremist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia) had intended to carry out attacks in new York, to arrange, according to them, a “second September 11”. This is stated in the materials published on the website of the Ministry of justice.

The militants were planning attacks in the summer of 2016, during the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan. They were going to lay explosives in times square and the subway, furthermore, assumed to have a shooting at concert venues. To communicate with each other extremists used the messengers. It is noted that during the training, they focused on the scenario of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 in Brussels in March 2016.

All three are under arrest, one pleaded guilty, according to the U.S. justice Department. Two of the defendants are 19 years old — are citizens of the United States and Canada. The third Filipino, he was 37 years old. American awaits the verdict at home, two others detained abroad. It is expected that they will be extradited to the United States.

The attacks were prevented by the FBI agent, infiltrated the cell group.

In March 2016, Brussels airport, two explosions, and later another one in the subway. When the attacks killed 34 people. Six months before, in November 2015, a series of terrorist attacks occurred in Paris: the extremists opened fire on visitors of the concert hall “Bataclan” activated explosive devices at football stadium “Stade de France” and in the suburbs. The number of victims amounted to 132 people.

11 September 2001 in the USA, the militants “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) hijacked four passenger aircraft. Two airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center in new York city, one crashed into the Pentagon, another crashed in Pennsylvania. Killed a total of nearly three thousand people.