Faced with the train under Vladimir the bus was from Kazakhstan

Archival photoditazine: In a network there was video from the scene of the accident in the Vladimir region

The bus got under Vladimir in an accident with a passenger train, was from Kazakhstan. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the main Department of EMERCOM of Vladimir region.

In turn, the head of the press service of the foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan Anuar of Jainakov in conversation with the Agency said that the foreign Ministry finds out circumstances of incident, and noted that while he could not confirm the identity of the bus to Kazakhstan or Kazakhstan citizenship of the victims.

The clash near the railway station, the Cover took place at 03:39 local time on 6 October. The cause of the collision was stalled on the railroad tracks the bus. “It is known about 16 victims, 34 living with two children in intensive care, 12 people, according to preliminary estimates, was taken by ambulance,” — said TASS, the head of the city administration Cover Vyacheslav Arakelov.