Can artificial intelligence to argue with the man?

Can artificial intelligence to argue with the man?

Humanity is resigned to the fact that in memorizing and reproduction of information computers have no equal. However, we are still able to defeat the machines in dispute. At least not yet.

Long been known that smart cars have learned to beat the professionals in strategic games such as chess. We also agreed that artificial intelligence copes with the processing of large amounts of data.

What if artificial intelligence will be able to cope with the human task is to understand the subtle hints, nuances, turns of speech and even to read people’s emotions in order to beat us in a dispute?

This ability is, research which is more scientific organizations worldwide, will enable people to make better decisions in the future.

To teach a machine to argue

Until recently, the creation of intelligent machines that can argue and defend a point of view, was considered an impossible task.

Meaning, of course, is not to teach artificial intelligence to engage in a showdown over Parking spaces or argue about whose turn it is to take out the garbage.

Instead, machines that know how to argue, in the future will be able to teach people how to challenge evidence, look for alternative and confident to make decisions, thereby improving the quality of the debate.

This can improve the efficiency of decision-making in everything from investing to combat crime and improve the quality of health care.

But to teach computers skills of human communication and to explain what the argument in the dispute, is extremely difficult.

In order to represent the importance of the argument, refer to the halls of court sessions.

The evidence is a necessary part of the hearing, however, social norms, legal requirements, emotional sensitivity and practical limitations affect the way lawyers, jurors and judges to formulate arguments and Express thoughts.

Despite this, over the past few years, scientists began to ponder whether it is possible to model some of the human arguments in order to subsequently transform in artificial intelligence algorithms.

In the scientific field is a concept known as “technology argument”.

The successes achieved were made possible thanks to the rapid increase of the amount of data available for the study of computers in the field of debate.

Some data comes from platforms in the analysis of intelligence, such as Intelligence Analysis, specialized Internet resources and programs bi-Bi-si Moral Maze.

In addition, developed new methods of machine learning to the art of building an argument.

Researchers in this area have been turning to philosophy, linguistics, computer science and even law and policy in order to understand the basis of debate.

For example, in the British University of Dundee has recently been investigated writings on rhetoric two thousand years ago in order to understand how to construct arguments during public appearances.

As a result of rapid progress in this area, the phenomenon has become interested in dozens of research laboratories around the world.