As the world congratulated Vladimir Putin on the anniversary

As the world congratulated Vladimir Putin on the anniversary

Greetings to the Russian leader with the 65th anniversary of the addressed politicians, artists, businessmen, chefs and designers.

7 Oct 2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin will be 65. Earlier, the head of the state, as a rule, never identified the day of his birth among the ordinary everyday work, carrying it at work. In the morning the President receives congratulations from around the world.

Numerous letters and telegrams he received from heads of States and governments of foreign countries and heads of international organizations.

Vladimir Putin, in particular, congratulated the presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Finland.

Many businesses have decided to use the anniversary of the Russian leader to attract the attention of potential clients — institutions around the world offer special meals or beverages associated with the name of Vladimir Putin, and the stores announced the release of things, inspired by the President of Russia.

So the restaurant Lucy’s Cantina Royale in Manhattan on the occasion of the birthday of Putin presented a special “story” Burger weighing in 1952 grams (same year of birth of the President). It is prepared using few cutlets of beef, spicy mayonnaise, hot sauce Sriracha, and a mixture of coriander and onions. According to the rules of the institution, the client may try to eat a dish in 30 minutes then he can for him not to pay. In the event of failure the cost of a Burger will be about $30. The dish is about six times the usual high-calorie sandwiches.

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The Ledo Pizza in Washington offered its visitors a pizza Hot Like Putin (“Sharp as Putin”) with pickled cucumbers. According to the Manager of the pizzeria Tariq Diab, the secret of this dish lies in the special sauce, which “goes well with meat, onion and pickled cucumbers”. Try the “pizza in the Russian style” can be from 7 to 9 October for about $20.