U.S. Ambassador to Russia, told about the new 1986 the year in bilateral relations

John Huntsman

New US Ambassador to Russia John huntsman says that Moscow and Washington are probably experiencing the most difficult period in relations since the cold war. He stated this in an interview with his daughter in the morning show Fox & Friends on Fox News channel.

“We fought hand in hand in the wars, we were on the same side on various issues, but today our bilateral relations have reached the lowest point of all time (…) something that reminds 1986, but we overcame such periods,” he added.

According to Huntsman, he, in particular, regrets the decision of Moscow to reduce the number of employees of American diplomatic missions in Russia.

The diplomat added that the biggest challenge for him at the head of the us diplomatic mission in Russia will be able to demonstrate that “we can achieve results in these relationships and make them better both American and Russian people.”

The new US Ambassador and his wife, Mary Kay, arrived in Moscow on 2 October. Huntsman previously served as Ambassador in China and Singapore, was assistant Deputy Minister of trade of the USA for East Asia and the Pacific.

August 31, the US authorities have demanded from Russia to close until 2 September, the General Consulate in San Francisco to stop using the buildings of the trade mission in Washington and new York. These actions, as explained in the White house, were a response to the reduction of the U.S. deprecative in Russia.