The study showed how many men in Russia live to be 65 years

The study showed how many men in Russia live to be 65 years

MOSCOW, October 6 — RIA Novosti. Russia is in first place in Europe among countries with the highest mortality rate of men under 65 years, according to world Bank data, which is available to RIA Novosti. According to the study, 43% of Russian men die before the age of 65 years.

World Bank data based on the study population, the UN in 2017. The study is based on official statistics of countries in 2015 and its own Analytics of the UN, published every two years and next time will be released in 2019.

According to the world Bank, 43% of Russian men die before the age of 65 years, in Ukraine and in Belarus, the figure is slightly lower — 40%, in fourth place Moldova with 37%, the fifth — Lithuania 36%. Also in a dozen countries with the highest male mortality came from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Armenia and Estonia.

Europe’s smallest level of male mortality was recorded in Iceland and Switzerland — the figure stands at 10%.

The long lifespan can also boast Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Malta and Norway, where the mortality rate of men up to 65 years does not exceed 11%. In terms of life expectancy, the leaders are Iceland, Cyprus, Spain, UK and Luxembourg.

The causes of high mortality in Russia

Professor Ranhigs Michael Kollontai believes that the situation with male mortality in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, partly due to the situation in the 90-ies of the last century.

The country emerged from the Soviet economy, went through a difficult 90-e years, and it is clear that the standard of living of the male population was much lower than in Europe, in the same Iceland, for example, or in Switzerland, where indicators were 10% and 11%, respectively.Michael Columntypevector Ranepa

He noted that the life expectancy of men is influenced by several factors: “GDP, it is not as high, per capita, are also important wealth, access to material goods that ensure the maintenance of human health, the second factor is the development of medicine”. “We cannot say that we have the medicine — the best in Europe, the third factor is, of course, the culture is a culture of consumption and attitude to the sport, to caring about your health,” — said the expert.