The President of the Czech Republic has dispelled the rumors about the refusal of alcohol

Milos Zeman

Czech President Milos Zeman has denied that he limited the use of alcohol. It is reported

After the press conference held during the visit in the ústí nad Labem region, the politician expressed surprise that he was not asked to comment on the appeared rumors in the press. “It is not true that I stopped drinking alcoholic beverages, I drink them and then with the same taste,” assured the President.

That 73-year-old Zeman has sharply restricted the use of alcohol, 5 Oct wrote a resource Lidovky. According to him, such a recommendation was given to him by doctors due to the fact that he has diabetes.

The Czech President is often criticized for addiction to alcohol, notes The website is reminiscent of the case in may 2013 when Zeman allegedly in a drunken state came to the ceremony of the presentation of the national crown jewels. Reporters noted that the politician entered the hall wobbly, and then immediately leaned back against the wall and later stood, swaying slightly. The press service of the President explained his behavior cold.

Video: david steffel / YouTube