The Japanese burned down the apartment with his wife and five children

In the Japanese city of Hitachi (Ibaraki Prefecture) as a result of fire killed a woman and her five children. It is reported by NHK.

To a scene there arrived rescuers who found the bodies. Later one of the police stations came a man who said that he is the father of the family, and confessed to committing arson.

About the reasons that pushed the Japanese to commit a crime, not reported. He arrested with him, investigators are working.

26 may it was reported that in Japan the man who was in the car high-speed trains “Shinkansen”, set fire to the pile of magazines lying on the table. The fire was quickly extinguished, nobody has suffered. The malefactor was detained by the police. On preliminary interrogation, the man said that he committed his actions because “the train was approaching the station Okayama”, but not explained motives of the act.